Value is a trivial subject We look at an object; We weigh it, feel it, judge it, We put purpose on it.   Each pair of eyes Using experience and need to Define the physical object Before them   How can we trust the value We are told. The products we see shelved How do… More

Visions through crystal waters

I sit wondering about the life I am going to live. With visions of crystal waters, green and blue; Ready to awaken my soul To follow a purpose I feel destined for. The invigorating but smooth waters lift me up; Completely weightless.   Glimpsing through my softly closed eyes, I find peace in this natural… More

Forever, I am resilient

It’s International Women’s day. Today, I am celebrating the nurses, the advocates, the headteacher, the teachers, the social worker, the police officers, the lectures, the Mum’s and the sisters. This is the female army that enabled me to make the most important decision I have ever made, to leave a chronically abusive relationship. Feeling good… More